yarn rmadmin

Have you ever wondered what happened behind the scene when you execute
yarn rmadmin -refreshNodes


The above is the shell script that runs when you call the yarn command

    hadoop_debug "Append YARN_CLIENT_OPTS onto HADOOP_OPTS"

As you can seen above, the shell script invokes the class org.apache.hadoop.yarn.client.cli.RMAdminCLI when we issue the command yarn rmadmin -refreshNodes

Here is the refreshNodes() method in the class org.apache.hadoop.yarn.client.cli.RMAdminCLI. It uses the ClientRMProxy to make RPC call to the ResourceManager refreshNodes() method.

private int refreshNodes() throws IOException, YarnException {
    // Refresh the nodes
    ResourceManagerAdministrationProtocol adminProtocol = createAdminProtocol();
    RefreshNodesRequest request = RefreshNodesRequest
    return 0;

 protected ResourceManagerAdministrationProtocol createAdminProtocol()
      throws IOException {
    // Get the current configuration
    final YarnConfiguration conf = new YarnConfiguration(getConf());
    return ClientRMProxy.createRMProxy(conf,

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